What is NAGM?

NAGM is the brand name of my (Neil Allison) guitar tuition and learning resources. This site was set up to provide useful information to those wanting to learn the guitar, whether they wish to have one to one lessons with Neil or just get some tips or useful info.

My musical Journey

I bought my first guitar back in November 1987. In hindsight not much more than a bit of firewood and difficult to tune and play, however I didn't know any better and persevered. I didn't have lessons at the time, just books and cassette tapes. I also got hold of some videos (VHS) and after a few years enrolled at the then Guitar Institute in Acton where I studied Lead and Rhythm techniques. I followed this with a year of Lessons from the then music editor of Guitarist Magazine.

Playing Live

After a few years of learning I got my first band together and we played a couple of gigs around 1991. We played rock cover songs from ACDC to Guns N Roses (A newish band at the time). During the nineties I learnt a lot more about music theory and also went from playing covers to purely originals. From 2000, it was a mix of covers and originals, Acoustic duets to full bands, outdoors, indoors, big audiences - no audiences. I also played all sorts of genres which has helped develop my technique in a variety of styles.


My first guitar teaching experience, like many, was showing mates a few things. I really started to take it more seriously around mid 2000's bringing together my knowledge of technique, theory and how to apply it - i.e. play it. I've also been a teacher in other professions such as sailing but now I'm fully focused on Guitar / Music tuition having also obtained a 1st class honors Degree in Music Performance and a PGCE in Art, Design and Media - focusing on delivery of teaching various aspects of music.

I practice what I preach

I'm currently in a couple of bands so if you want to see me live or meet me in person then check out the following websites for details of our performances:

Banquet - Banquet website or Banquet Facebook Page

The Mama Cane Band - The Mama Cane Band Website or The Mama Cane Band Facebook Page

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