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Here you can find links to various topics around learning guitar. Click on the logo for the topic you are interested in and you will be taken to the appropriate page where you can learn more. If you have any questions or comments about the content then please get in touch.

Note: the information contained here should be treated as reference material aimed at supporting lessons. The content is free for personal use but is not permitted to be distributed or used commercially.

Additional topics are being regularly added so please check back

Complete Beginners

If you are new to guitar then start here. Click on image below for videos demonstrating the parts of guitar and how to get started with playing the guitar.

First Chords to Learn

Click here to see some videos showing you how to play a selection of chords suitable for a beginner to learn that will be used throughout you life as a guitarist.

Left Handed Chords for Beginners

Click here to see some diagrams showing you how to play some of the beginners chords for left handed players.


Basic Chord Dictionary

Here you will find a selection of chord diagrams to expand your repertoire. They include major, minor, dominant 7, major 7 and minor 7 chords.

Basic Strum Patterns

Here you will learn some basic strum patterns to start you off on learning rhythm guitar and developing the right hand.

Backing Tracks

Here you will be able to practice your improvisation by playing along to audio backing tracks in a variety of keys and styles.


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